Oil-Free Booster Bebicon Compressor
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Model Nomenclature

Oil-free Booster Bebicon : This piston compressor is installed in production areas that require higher pressure than the main compressor rated pressure. It helps to boost up the existing main compressed air up to a maximum from 0.5MPa to 1.0MPa for systems that require higher pressure. This helps reduce energy cost for the whole compressed air system.


Energy Savings

  • To improve energy savings for existing compressor system.

Better Cooling Compressor Design

  • The cylinder head uses an aluminum alloy and ventilated rib to improve heat radiation and air capacity.
  • The v-groove design is located between the discharge and suction chamber to reduce the heat transfer and improve air capacity.

Easy Maintenance

  • No oil is required, as the ring set is PTFE, which is a self lubricated material.
  • No air intake filter element is required.


Oil-free Booster Bebicon Compressor Specifications

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